Another Day, Another Adventure

So, as many of you know, whenever holidays are around, my friends and I are out exploring. Well, normally anyway. Unfortunately, after a night time explore a few weeks ago, we were a little too spooked to explore this holiday. However, I thought I’d share with you a prior adventure to another mill which we ventured on before our night time explore.

The Mill

As you guys know, the majority of explores we are able to do without major travel ventures are to mills and various other ex industry buildings. This venture took us back near previously visited Tonedale Mill, to its sister mill, Fox’s.


The History of the Mill (Shortened)

The Fox Brother’s mill was one of the earliest founded mills to begin producing wool, with production beginning production on a small scale in 1745. It was officially founded by Thomas Fox in 1772 when Fox and his wife Sarah built and moved into Tone Dale House, in Wellington. It is known for the fact that it was one of the first mills to be one of the creators of flannel for suit making and other outfits. Although Fox Brother’s is still a running company, they are no longer working from the huge mill they built many many years ago, now they are located a small walk from where this gem of an explore is located.

The Explore

Shimming through a gap to this explore was a sign of just how much fun this explore would be. We began walking around and the first thing we see was lines and lines of old machinery, left for Mother Nature to reclaim her territory. Some still with wool left on that is slowly crumbling with age and thin-ness.


Along with the machines that still had remnants of their once working life, there was a few new edition objects that had been brought into the mill by other visitors. For example, a poorly looking Po Teletubby toy.


As we continued through the mill, we found a variety of things from old car parts/garage equipment to old computers and even old photos, including an old photo of a family christening which has been to crumble apart.


This explore was one that was enjoyed by the 3 of us that ventured around it. Follow my Facebook page where I shall continue to post more photos of this amazing explore.

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